Business Water Delivery Service in Hawaii

Experience the Convenience of 5 Gallon Bottle Delivery Every 10 Business Days

How the Business Plan Works

Ultra-Pure Menehune Water delivered directly to your business!

Health Benefits

Water is an absolute health essential. Drinking proper amounts of water is vital to good health. In fact, water is second in importance to our bodies only to oxygen.

Purification Process

We further enhance our pure source water through a state-of-the-art 8-Step Filtration Process to achieve our “Ultra-Pure” Water. The US Food Drug & Administration uses “Total Dissolved Solids” (TDS) as a Key Measure of Water Purity with the lower the level the better.

Order Now

Have you ever run out of water before your next delivery?  Do you need cases of bottled water for a big party?  NO PROBLEM!  One of our customer service representatives will help you get the water you need.

About Us

The Menehune Water Co. Story

Menehune Water Co. is proud to be Hawaii’s largest bottled water company. Our founder and President, Ken Simon, established the company in 1985. From its early beginnings, Menehune Water has been dedicated to providing its customers with exceptionally pure water combined with a high level of service.

As evidence of the company’s commitment to excellence, Menehune Water has received numerous awards including being selected several times as the State of Hawaii’s Small Business Exporter of the Year.

With a history of over 30 years of customer satisfaction, Menehune Water has evolved from being simply a local supplier in Honolulu to now serving Hawaii statewide, the U.S. Mainland and International markets.