With a history of over 30 years of customer satisfaction, Menehune Water has evolved from being simply a local supplier in Honolulu to now serving Hawaii statewide, the U.S. Mainland and International markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our “Ultra-Pure” water begins as abundant Hawaiian rainfall within an environmentally-pristine, virgin rain forest. This exceptional water naturally filters through thousands of feet of lava rock and forms an underground aquifer which becomes our source.

We enhance our water through a state-of-the-art 8-Step Filtration Process to achieve our “Ultra-Pure” Water.

Not all bottled waters are purified. Some bottled waters are spring water. Spring water comes from a natural source but only goes through minimal filtration.

Menehune Water is ultra-pure and special for 3 reasons:
1) our unique Hawaii source,
2) the exceptional care we take in bottling and packaging our products and
3) our state-of-the-art 8 step purification process. You can taste the difference!

Our ultra-pure water has a PH of 6.5.

Yes. The U.S. Pharmacopeia uses “Total Dissolved Solids” (TDS) as a Key Measure of Water Purity with the lower the level the better. “Ultra-Pure” Menehune Water has fewer than 5 parts per million TDS. That’s less than 1/2 the USP Standard for Purified Water of 10 parts per million!

• Finished Purified Product Test Results – Oahu 2021

• Finished Distilled Product Test Results – Oahu 2021

Absolutely. Menehune Water Company conducts a complete chemical, physical, radiological and microbiological analysis on the municipal source water, purified and distilled water annually. One of the steps in our water purifying process is reverse osmosis that is effective in removing types of chromium.

• Finished Purified Product Test Results – Oahu 2021

• Finished Distilled Product Test Results – Oahu 2021

Absolutely NOT. Our water source is completely separate from the Navy’s.
There is no TPH (total petroleum hydrocarbons) detected in our water and our advanced purification process will remove any petroleum if there was in the water.

• View Test Results – March 2023

One Year. The “Best By” date can be found on the side of our 5 gallon bottle cap. The FDA does not require an expiration date.

We have Auto Pay where your outstanding balance is automatically debited from your card on either the 7th or 20th every month. We accept all major credit or debit cards online, by phone or fax at no cost to you. You may also mail in a check or money order made payable to “Menehune Water Company”. Please do not send cash through the mail or pay your delivery representative. If you prefer paying cash, our Will Call window is open during normal business hours. Our customer service agents will be happy to assist you and answer all of your questions, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Statements are sent out monthly and are due upon receipt. You will not receive a statement if you have a balance of $5.00 or less. If you rent a dispenser, the rental is due on the current month. Your water deliveries are billed the following month. For example, your deliveries for March are payable in April.

Deliveries are automatic, every 10 working days. If delivery is not needed, please call customer service 2 business days before scheduled delivery.

Our drivers will deliver up to 15 steps with no additional fee.

Yes. We deliver to many secured and high rise buildings on island. Please check with building management to make sure we have access to the building in case you are not home.

Your delivery representative will provide you with a calendar showing your scheduled delivery days for the year.

If you are a business customer, we prefer that you have someone available to receive and sign for your delivery. You will be asked to sign a delivery ticket to authorize receipt of the water. For residential customers, you are not required to be present as long as your delivery representative has access to the area to exchange bottles. Your representative will prearrange with you a specific location where bottles will be left.

When your account was first set up, you paid bottle deposits for the number of bottles you have on hand. If the driver picks up the same amount of bottles as he drops off full bottles, you will NOT be charged any bottle deposits. If no empty bottles were left out, you will be charged bottle deposits. When you return the empty bottles, your account will be credited.

Please call customer service 2 business days before scheduled delivery. We require that all customers take a minimum of 1 bottle a month.

Our driver will still deliver water since deliveries are automatic. Since no empty bottles were left out, we will charge a bottle deposit for the bottles that were delivered. All deposits will be credited to your account upon return.

Menehune Water reuses and recycles its 5 and 3 gallon bottles to protect Hawaii’s pristine environment and to lessen waste. In order to ensure that our bottles are properly sanitized for your protection, we thoroughly clean each bottle using a multi-step process:

1) a chemical contamination detector;

2) a leak detector to check for damaged bottles;

3) a pre-rinse station to remove excess dust and dirt from the outside of the bottles;

4) a wash station that has a soap and sanitizing solution; and

5) a rinse and final sanitization prior to filling and capping. All pre-rinse, wash, rinse and sanitizing is done by high-pressure spray jets to ensure a thorough cleaning.

All Menehune Water Company dispensers are self-contained units in which the actual reservoir does not come in contact with the bottle or exposed to air. Here are instructions for periodic cleaning of your dispenser:

1) With warm water, mild soap and a sponge or wash cloth, wipe down the exterior of the unit removing any dust that may settle.

2) Remove the bottle from the dispenser.

3) Wipe the inside of the water safe on the top of the dispenser. Remove any free standing water that may have settled on the bottom of the water safe.

4) Remove drip tray and wash in warm water to remove any dust or dirt that may collect in the tray. Please remember that there is no drain line on the drip tray and that any fluids will remain in the tray until it is emptied.

You may also contact Customer Service and request for a full cleaning. There is a nominal fee for this service.

Menehune currently offers purified, distilled and alkaline water.

About Us

The Menehune Water Co. Story

Menehune Water Co. is proud to be Hawaii’s largest bottled water company. Our founder and President, Ken Simon, established the company in 1985. From its early beginnings, Menehune Water has been dedicated to providing its customers with exceptionally pure water combined with a high level of service.

As evidence of the company’s commitment to excellence, Menehune Water has received numerous awards including being selected several times as the State of Hawaii’s Small Business Exporter of the Year.

With a history of over 30 years of customer satisfaction, Menehune Water has evolved from being simply a local supplier in Honolulu to now serving Hawaii statewide, the U.S. Mainland and International markets.