Purification Process

Providing you the Best Water

Our Hawaiian Source
The Hawaiian Islands are one of the world’s most isolated landmasses. Their volcanic origin, abundant rainfall and clean air provide ideal, natural conditions for pure drinking water.

Our water begins as abundant rainfall within an environmentally-pristine, virgin rain forest. This exceptional water naturally filters through thousands of feet of lava rock slowly trickling on a 25 year journey into our protected aquifer which becomes our source.

Our Ultra-Purification Process
We further enhance our pure source water through a state-of-the-art 8-Step Filtration Process to achieve our “Ultra-Pure” Water. The U.S. Pharmacopeia uses “Total Dissolved Solids” (TDS) as a Key Measure of Water Purity with the lower the level the better.

“Ultra-Pure” Menehune Water has fewer than 5 parts per million TDS. That’s less than 1/2 the USP Standard for Purified Water of 10 parts per million! Our “Ultra-Pure” level enables maximum absorption by your body.

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The 8-Step Filtration Process for “Ultra-Pure” Water from Menehune Water Co.

1.  Pre Filtration
Removes solid particles if present

2.  Carbon Filtration
Removes chlorine and other contaminants if present

3.  Water Softener (sodium chloride)
Removes hard minerals like calcium and magnesium if present

4.  Ultra Violet Light
1st step in killing bacteria and viruses if present

5.  Reverse Osmosis Purifier
Purifies the water by removing dissolved solids

6.  Ultra Violet Light
2nd step in killing bacteria and viruses if present

7.  Ozone Injection
3rd step in killing bacteria and viruses if present (further insures product integrity and shelf life prior to bottling)

8.  3 Micron Polishing Filter
Final filtering process prior to bottling to remove any particles that may have come from processing equipment in the manufacturing process.